Sour Cream Bread – Best Recipe

bread cream recipe

Do you know that very fluffy bread? This is the Sour Cream Bread. A super soft bread that takes few ingredients and you can make it at home. Today you will learn the recipe for this bread.

bread cream recipe

This recipe is super famous, the Sour Cream Bread It’s one of the classic sweet bread recipes, but it’s not that super sweet bread, it’s a sweet bread, which can be used for breakfast or in the afternoon.

bread with cream

Sour Cream Bread

4 eggs
1 cup of oil tea
480 ml of warm milk
200 grams of cream (1 box)
1 level tablespoon of salt
50 grams of yeast
1 cup of sugar tea
1 + ½ kg of wheat flour (1 kilo and a half)

Preparation mode :
First, blend the milk, oil, cream in a blender. You can also mix with the help of a fuê.

Then, in a bowl, place all the dry ingredients, then throw the mixture you mixed into the blender.

bread dough
Knead very well, let the dough rise until it doubles in volume.

Therefore, divide the dough into parts, make the buns and let it rise again.

rolled bread dough
Soon after, brush egg yolks on the buns if you want it to have a cone on top. Simply place the yolk (just the yolk) in a bowl and brush onto the bread with the help of a brush.

You should take the cream bread to bake in a preheated 180 degree oven. They take an average of 40 minutes to bake.

After the baked bread, brush margarine on top of the loaves.

bread cream

Finally, wait for it to cool and you can consume it. But I doubt I can wait to get cold to eat, as this bread smells all over the house when it’s done. This bread is valid for 7 days after baking.

The cup used in the recipe is 240ML.

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