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Seitan is a very proteinic food that has proved to be an alternative for vegetarians and vegans because it replaces animal protein in food. If you are part of these groups or want to know more about it, follow information about what it is, where to find it and recipes to include it on your menu. Check it out!

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What is seitan

Nutritionist Camille Cesário Reis (CRN 3 – 44408) explains that seitan « is a vegetable product made from wheat protein, also known as ‘gluten meat’. It is made from the washing of wheat flour, until all the starch and fats are lost, leaving only the gluten, which is a protein responsible for giving elasticity to the pasta ».

Camille warns: « Seitan has a good amount of plant protein, but since it is basically gluten, and gluten is a protein that is difficult to absorb and has an inflammatory potential for the intestine, it should not be part of the daily eating routine.

The nutritionist advises that there are other foods considered healthier and that they are also sources of vegetable proteins such as tofu, tempeh, beans, chickpeas, lentils, peas, organic soy and pumpkin and sunflower seeds. « The consumption of seitan is contraindicated for people with celiac diseases, gluten intolerant, people with dysbiosis and autoimmune diseases, » concludes Camille.

Where to buy seitan

Seitan can be bought in shops specializing in vegetarian, vegan or natural products. Few online stores sell ready-made food, but gluten meal, which is the basis of seitan, can be found more easily. Check out, below, sites that sell any of these options:

  • Four-star Emporium: In this natural products store, you can find the ready-made seitan in four varieties: ground, in strips, in steak or in cubes. The price per kilo is about R$ 45.
  • Green grass: Among other natural foods, the store sells gluten flour, which is the base used in the preparation of seitan. The cost of the product is, on average, R$ 30 per kilo.
  • Me Gusta Veg: The store has a wide variety of vegetarian and vegan products – including gluten flour, which also costs about R$ 30.
  • Casa Veg: Also specialized in vegan products, the store has a canned version of vegan steak made from gluten and seasonings. Depending on the size of the package chosen, the price of a kilo varies between R$ 46 and R$ 54.

Now that you know where to buy seitan, how about learning recipes for a change in the preparation of this food? Check out the next topic!

6 recipes to get the seitan right

Below, we separate various seitan recipes with great tips and combinations of ingredients to prepare a tasty meal – whether for everyday life or for special occasions. Come with us:

1. Seitan simple

Here, you learn how to prepare a completely homemade version. You will only need water and wheat flour to form a dough that will later be washed and baked in wooden sauce. Then the seitan is cut, fried and baked with a broth that carries wine, cornstarch and mushrooms. It’s supersucculent!

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2. Seitan with pesto sauce

This preparation takes water, shoyu, ginger, garlic, seasoning and wheat gluten, which must be incorporated until they form an elastic mass. Then, let the mixture rest for 2 hours before cutting it into pieces that will be fried and cooked in a broth with carrot, shoyu, ginger, onion, garlic and other spices. To finish, bake with tomatoes augmented with a delicious pesto sauce!

3. Seitan with shoyu sauce

To prepare this recipe, you will need wheat flour and water, which will be mixed until they form a dough. After soaking and washing, you should cook the dough for 20 minutes in a pressure cooker, with a sauce that includes olive oil, onion, garlic, ginger, tomato sauce, shoyu and bay leaf. Then, just taste it!

4. Smoked Seitan with English sauce

In this recipe, the dough is prepared with gluten flour, calabresa pepper, oregano, garlic, parsley, shoyu, olive oil and water. After allowing it to rest for 2 hours, it’s time to cut into steaks, cook and fry them, adding liquid smoke for a smoky touch to the flavor. Serve the seitan with a sauce made with grape juice, mushrooms, English sauce and condiments!

5. Seitan with sautéed mushrooms

This seitan recipe takes water, shoyu, cumin, smoked paprika, salt, onion, chickpea flour and gluten flour. The dough must be well kneaded, so as not to become spongy, and cut into steaks, which will be baked for 40 to 50 minutes. To finish, grill the pieces and serve with mushrooms sautéed with olive oil, garlic and shoyu. It’s delicious!

6. Seitan stuffed with farofa

For this preparation, you will need gluten flour, water, salt and spices, which will be incorporated until a dough is formed. Then, this dough must be stretched, rested and stuffed with a flour that takes olives, figs, peaches, raisins and cashew nuts. Steam it and, to finish, bake it with a syrup of pineapple juice, mustard, molasses, vinegar, vanilla essence, rosemary and powdered smoke.

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Now, just start testing the recipes to have varied and tasty meals all the time. Enjoy and check out other options without ingredients of animal origin to prepare a delicious vegan lunch!

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