what it is + 5 recipes to make this delicious coffee


If you love a cup of coffee, you’ll be delighted with these cold brew recipes. It is a great energy drink option and quite refreshing, as it is usually served iced, or cozy, and can also be served hot. Its origin is Dutch and was created in the 1600s. Learn more about the drink and its ways of preparation!

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What is cold brew?

Cold brew is a type of coffee that is extracted in cold water, without coming into contact with hot water. Due to this process, its flavor is more concentrated, but less bitter and acidic. But schedule yourself, because its complete preparation time can take several hours.

5 ways to make your cold brew at home

Feel like trying this delicious treat? You don’t have to go to the nearest coffee shop. These homemade versions can be made without difficulty and are well worth it. Choose your favorite!

1. Simple and classic cold brew

Anyone will be able to make this recipe. Just mix the coffee powder with the water, cover and let it rest for 12 to 15 hours. Then, just filter and enjoy with ice cubes.

2. Cold brew with milk

You will need 24 hours to taste this drink. The mixture of water and ground coffee is left to rest for this period and then filtered. To make it even tastier, enjoy it with lots of ice and milk.

3. Cold brew with coconut milk

This version worthy of a professional barista is worth trying. The preparation takes 12 hours, but the time will contribute to a more intense flavor. It is finished with coconut milk, basil and sweetener.

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4. Cold brew with caramel and cream

Give your preparation a boost with these side dishes. The first is a caramel made in a pan with sugar, butter and cream. The second is a delicious little cream of powdered milk and Galak powder. The result is beautiful and tasty.

5. Cold brew in the French press with liqueur

If you like to use the French press in the preparations, this recipe is ideal. In addition, the cold brew is also flavored with small pieces of milk ice and Irish liqueur. You’ll surprise your taste buds!

With so many delicious options, you can try several to not get sick of this deliciousness. And if you are a fan of this type of drink, you need to know these extremely refreshing iced coffee recipes!

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